Optimize for Speed and Search

Optimize for Speed and Search

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Technical SEO Background

In my career, I've became closely associated with providing Technical SEO, or Tech SEO services. Widely considered the "first gen SEO" programmer of note, I was sought after for code, consulting, and as an employee. When after the first two Search Engine Strategies (SES) conferences Danny Sullivan asked me to moderate round tables for upcoming shows, he then regularly relied on me to keep discussions technically interesting.

A lot has changed since those early days. SEO drifted largely toward marketing. The world of programming changed dramatically, impressively. We've always had JavaScript in the browser. Now we have JavaScript on the server by way of Node. Google launched the V8 JavaScript engine. I've felt it necessary to improve SEO considerations regarding these programming innovations so that I can bring more what I know and also to learn as I go.

SEO for Developers

The conditions are right for the focus area SEO for Developers. I'm holding the conversation with my moderator role at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) conferences and especially as Editor at Large for Search Engine Land. I'll be writing a column entitled SEO for Developers. This is not about shedding Tech SEO. I'm starting SEO for Developers in order to focus on startup and enterprise developers.